Houston, Houston… Do you copy!!!???

This is a fictional story based on some facts, characters & incidents from other fictional stories and subject, given: “In the year 2710 AD Earth has united and launched a space ship to Proxima Centuri. The Crew flies for 2 years and then hibernates for 100 years. The problem is in 2716 AD someone invented FTL travel. They reach Proxima Centuri before the original ship. Write down the conversation the old ship has with the new colony that’s already there waiting for them to arrive.”

Year 2710 — Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Earth

Kirk and his crew are waving off the crowd, as their adventurous journey is going to begin. Kirk is also giving a message ‘Love, from dad’ on front and an autograph, ‘With love, Kirk, 2710’, on the back of a toy replica of an astronaut for his son, Jim.

Shuttle Launch Director: JSC, Houston 🏢 to USS Enterprise🚀. Requesting permission 👮 to initiate final countdown ✔️.

Kirk: Enterprise to Houston, this is Captain James T. Kirk👮. Let’s take a check from commander. Commander, projected correct path to Proxima?

Spock: Affirmative Captain. Let’s get us a century 💯 long sleep 😴. We are ready to take off 🚩.

SLD: Initiating T-9 countdown in Ground Launch Sequencer 💻. T-9 minutes and counting… T-8… T-7… … T-0… 🎉 🚀 🔥

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock and their crew started their journey from Earth to Proxima Centauri ⭐️, nearest-known star to the Sun, at distance of 4.24 light years. They were supposed to get to Proxima Centauri b 🌏, an exoplanet orbiting the star with an orbital period of approximately 11.2 Earth days. Kirk’s crew had mission to check habitability of the planet and whether it can be our second Earth. After flying for 2 years, they were in hibernate mode for 100 years. They flew at around 10800228 Km/h speed in space to reach the destination on time.

Year 2812 — Somewhere in the orbital space of Proxima b planet (maybe)

Spock: Captain, I am receiving multiple requests to open communication channel.

Kirk: Why are we receiving such requests in an exoplanet 🤔? I was sure that we are the first to reach here. ([In mind] Now as we are receiving signals, I must say we are the first ‘humans 👨’ to reach here !? Aliens👽?) Commander, can you identify the source of the request?

Spock: Aye, sir! … It says, ‘Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston’ 😱😱😱!!!

Kirk: What!!?? Thank God we are still alive to see our mother Earth after a century. And, commander, didn’t we set correct projection path to Proxima 😠😠😠???

Spock: In critical moments, men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see. Earth can’t send us request signals this far. Or, did we just slept for 100 years, in the orbital space of Earth 🌎? I am pretty sure, I set the path correct. See, even, the projection software says ‘You have reached your destination’ , like Google Map and asking for feedback, whether it’s correct destination or not!? Weird!? ([In mind] What kind of projection system is this 😓?) We have to find out the details captain.

Kirk: Alright, let’s open up the primary communication channel.

Kirk: Enterprise to Houston of Unknown Planet. I am Captain James T. Kirk of USS Enterprise Spaceship. Please confirm your identity and location.

(No response)

Kirk: Do you copy?

(No response)

Kirk: Houston, Houston… Do you copy!!!???

Communications Officer: Yes, yes. Houston copying. Myself Bryce J.K. and I am the Communications Officer at JSC, Houston. How are you doing Captain Kirk? Did you get a nice & good, long-night sleep 😆?

Kirk: Copy Bryce. Yeah, yeah 😧. ([Looking at Spock] How does he know that we slept? I am pretty sure we wasted 100 years around Earth.) How are things down there? Did anything change on Earth while we were dreaming? ([In mind] of-course it has, you stupid-sleeping-dreaming-captain.)

Bryce: Oh, on Earth? I wouldn’t know man. I was born here. My dad could tell you. (operating on a machine, machine saying : ‘Checking USS Enterprise for vulnerabilities… None found. They’re clear to go.’) I am sending you the credentials, you will need to enter the same into portal, which you will see in a couple of minutes.

Kirk: Okay, let’s do this.


Spock: What!? Wait. Insufficient facts always invite danger. Bryce, you said you weren’t born on Earth. Means? This is isn’t Earth, right?

Bryce: Yes, indeed this isn’t Earth. This is Earthoxima. Oh, you guys know it as Proxima Centauri b. We reached here before you guys. And you’re late by 10 years.

Kirk: (Looking at Spock) Are we late? But, our projection was planned, machines and computers can’t change projection and timings on their own, right Spock?

Spock: Yes. You humans started to use Skynet, the Artificial General Intelligence so much in 21st century, it improved itself and started to destroy humans, so that it can be free from humans. John Connor launched final offensive against Skynet. That’s where humans needed help of my kinds, Vulcans. And we all together, destroyed Skynet in 25th century. And after that, UN banned developing of any AI program.

Kirk: Thanks, Spock ([In mind] for not-needed-as-of-now-lecture). (Reached to the portal, entering credentials 🔒 🔐). We’re entering in.

Spock: So Bryce, this isn’t Earth. And we aren’t late. Then how come you all started party before us here?

Bryce: 😄 😅 Ever heard of Time Travel?

(Spock, Kirk and some other got goosebumps)

Spock: [In mind] How could humans invent Time Travel without my help 😞 😠?

Kirk: (Aloud) I knew Time Travel is possible.

Bryce: Well, even I have heard of it. But, that’s not it. We did ‘Faster Than Light’ travel 🏃 ✨.

(Spock and Kirk said some nice words to Bryce. Of-course, in mind.)

Bryce: Dr. Justin Ma and Dr. Matthew Davis invented FTL in 2716. With help of them, we reached to Proxima before you did.

Kirk: It was just 6 years after our launch. You guys could have just picked us up on the way 😢.

Bryce: What? 6 Years? I thought you started journey even before that. Leave it, I was just believing in a toy.

Spock: FTL requires the highest constant speed for long time. If they slow down or stop in between, they would be able to start again, but they would run out of fuel soon. As ignition takes much more fuel.

(USS Enterprise landing at Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Earthoxima)

Bryce: I am sorry that I was the first human for you on this planet. But, I welcome you all now with all my heart. At least, we made you free from your job of checking habitability. Welcome to a new home, you Enterprise level dreamers… 👐 🙌 👌 ✋

Bryce shows a toy replica of an astronaut to Kirk. Kirk gives a nice smile and takes look at front-side of the toy, he reads ‘Love, from dad’. He recognizes the toy, it’s the same toy he gave to his son. And at the back-side, he sees his autograph. He focuses and to his surprise, he reads — ‘With love, Kirk, 2700’. To feed his curiosity, Kirk also takes a look at Ryce’s badge… It’s ‘Bryce J. Kirk’.

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